Outdoor Heating Guide

whether you're looking to create a cosy and magical fireside atmosphere, or perhaps you're just wanting to protect yourself against those chilly summer evenings, outdoor heating is a fantastic method of expanding your outdoor living space.



Fire Pit entertaining sets

Fire pit entertaining sets are garden dining sets that have a built-in fire pit table centrepiece. They're often the ideal option for anyone looking to entertain their guests late at night. Fueled by wood and providing a traditional 'campfire' experience, most fire pit entertaining  sets are even supplied with a removable table top centrepiece, so that the fire pit can simply be used as and when it's required. View our full collection of fire pits & bowls


Metal Chimineas

Historically, chimineas have have long been a popular method of garden and outdoor heating. Strong, sturdy and stylish, metal chimineas are excellent conductors of heat. Although they tend be more expensive than traditional clay chimineas, metal chimineas are likely to have a much longer lifespan, as well as the facility to use them as a barbecue grill. View our full collection of metal chimineas



Clay Chimineas

Our collection of beautiful, large clay chimineas are modelled on the classical chiminea design and are perfect for smaller gardens and patios. By emitting most of their heat through the front opening, or the flue, clay chimineas are ideal to suit anyone wishing to host a late garden party. View our full collection of clay chimineas



Outdoor Heating Care & Maintenance


Caring for your fire bowl is relatively simple. Ensure that you regularly clean it after each use and avoid using accelerants. Not only are they unsafe, they can easily damage the coating of your fire pit.


Metal or cast iron chimineas don't require much care or attention, but to prevent your chiminea from rusting, we strongly recommend that you use an oily cloth to wipe it down after each use. However, we do suggest that you paint your metal chiminea at start of spring with high temperature paint to help prolong its lifespan.


Due to their material, clay chimineas do require a little more care and maintenance than metal chimineas. To prevent you clay chiminea from cracking, it is necessary to 'cure' it by lighting a few small fires to help coat the interior and seal any pores in the clay.



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