Bird Care

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Everyone wants to feed the birds, just ask Mary Poppins! With our range of bird feeders, seed and nesting boxes, you can support your local wildlife and create a beautiful environment in your garden at the same time. We have a variety of bird seed & feed to choose from, as different types of birds have different preferences. Whether it's mealworms, fat balls or suet cakes, you're sure to find something to satisfy those hungry birds.

Remember to browse through our selection of bird feeders too. Having multiple feeding sites of varying shapes and sizes will attract a wider range of birds to your garden. if you find your garden suffers from the common issue of grey squirrels stealing bird food out of regular feeders, you may also want to consider some of our squirrel-proof feeders.

Want a closer look at the feeding birds? Check out our window bird feeders & nest boxes. Observe the wildlife from inside your home.